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painting a toilet

What is the best high gloss spray paint in black to paint a toilet?

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Posted 2013-10-18T13:06:28+0000  by jada jada

Hey there jada,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the community!


To start off, I'll say that really no spray paint will effectively bond to the toilet without first using a primer. While we do sell tub and sink refinishing kits, these are usually only available in just white or an off-white (bisque).


Remember, this is just for the portions of the toilet that will NOT be in constant contact with water. You'd need a paint rated for constant underwater usage for the bowl itself. This kind of paint is not available at The Home Depot, at least in our stores.


With that said, using a primer that will stick to the surface of the toilet first will make or break the final appearance and durability. Failure to do this step will most likely cause your paint to peel and easily come off with just a touch.


Start with an oil-based primer, such as the one shown below in a spray can.

Use this first, let it dry and remove any excessive amounts with tackcloth or towel. Next, you can spray any high gloss black spray of your choice.


Remember, this will only cover the areas of the toilet except the inside of the bowl, as this type of paint can't really hold up to constant amounts of water.


Let me know if you have any addtional questions,


Posted 2013-10-19T15:41:40+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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