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painting dining table with laminate top and wood bottom

I was recently given an unattractive table and chairs. The bottom of the table and the chairs are wood, the tabletop however has a laminate finish and the underneath is particle board. I really want to do something interesting like a crackle finish on top and and parts of the legs and chairs, but I'm worried that the colors won't match exactly or come out the same since its two different surface types. Any pointers?

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Posted 2012-08-04T20:49:40+0000  by michellef michellef

Hi Michell:smileyvery-happy:   We are so glad that you stopped by and joined the community.


With almost any surface - a simple coat of premium solvent based primer (like oil, alcohol, or shellac) will provide enough consistency to paint anything over the top. Once the whole project is coated and dry; lightly sand and apply your paint.


Crackle technique is easy to achieve and can add lots of character to any piece of furniture.




Here is a brief rundown of the process:

  1. Apply a primer base.
  2. Paint the base coat with flat sheen paint.  Keep in mind that the base coat is the color you will see inside the crackle cracks.
  3. Apply the crackle medium. Where ever you apply the medium is where the crackle will appear. Also, a thin layer will yield small cracks - while a thick coat will create large wide cracks.
  4. *a quick recipe for crackle medium is a mixture of 1 part wood glue and 2 parts water.
  5. Apply a thin top coat of flat sheen paint over the dry medium and wait for the cracks to appear. As paint dries it slightly shrinks. It also will re-activate the dried medium and essentially “slide” over the surface of the base coat. The result is open cracks revealing the exposed base coat.
  6. Apply a clear coat of polyurethane to protect the finished product.

Hope this helps.  paiintpro.JPG

Posted 2012-08-05T14:14:34+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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