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painting furniture

dedaizy asked this quesion:


I am not sure if this is the correct way to contact you to ask a question but here goes . We have wood bedroom furniture that we want to paint , when we went to our home depot we thought it was painted so they told us to use (dont know the name) a stripper and it didnt work so we assume it is stained what ever it is it will not come off its cherry color . But my question is what can we do to paint it all fairly quickly we are moving soon and want it to be done before we move also we probably only have a couple of days to do it . Plus the big problem is we do not have anyone to help carry it down stairs so will probably want to paint it in the bedroom so what will be the best to use with little steps as possible.

My husband decided to just spray paint so he did the night stand it seems fine just not shiny the way I would like . we are wanting to paint it black

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Posted 2011-07-05T17:56:42+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL Eileen_HD_ATL

Hello Dedaizy welcome to the community.

My name is TC and I work for the Home Depot in the paint department in southern California. Painting most furniture pieces is actually quite an easy project. The most important part is the preparation. Make sure the pieces are free of any residual stripping agent. I have found a good cleaning agent to be TSP or TSP substitute. Both should be available at your local Home Depot. After the pieces have had time to dry. Apply a good primer to ready the surface for painting. Since you have said you would like a gloss finish. Use high gloss paint. Behr makes an extremely high gloss product that I think would give you the exact finish you are looking for. It is water based and amazingly durable. The fact that is water based   means less odor so painting the furniture in the bedroom won’t force you to sleep in the living room. Also, it is very quick drying. Depending on the weather conditions where you are. You might consider using a paint retardant such as Flotrol. Paint retardants generally double the drying time of applied paint allowing brush strokes and roller marks to flow out to a glass like finish. Remember to keep your brush or roller fully loaded with paint as you work. If you decide you would like to skip the primer step. Behr Makes a paint and primer combination that works extremely well. It is called Behr Ultra. I have been using this exclusively for the last 6 months with great results.

I hope this has been of some help to you. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Posted 2011-07-05T18:49:44+0000  by TC_ArtDog
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