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painting kitchen cabinets with porch enamel

I like the idea of painting my kitchen cabinets with porch enamel.  Can latex enamel be used as well?

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Posted 2016-04-08T14:42:35+0000  by TerriB TerriB


Glidden's oil based urethane floor enamel can be used on cabinetry, however, it is only available in high gloss. As it is formulated for floors, where sagging of the paint film is not a concern, care must be taken to lay out the paint evenly and not to heavily. A quality natural bristle brush is the preferred applicator, although it will level out even with an inexpensive "chip" brush. A quality trim roller will also help speed  the application and assure a nice even coat.

I would be less inclined to use a latex based ( acrylic ) floor paint, nor any latex .paint. They just don't dry to the hard, durable finish that oil based products do. Acrylic products are difficult to sand and retain a certain gummy, sticky quality to them.

Oil based products are getting harder and harder to get. Those that remain, have had their formulas drastically altered to reduce volatile emissions, or VOC's. Unfortnately, they often don't work as well as the older formulas.

A product you might wish to try is Behr's Water Based Alkyd Enamel. This product combines the excellent qualities of oil paint with the benefits of a water based paint: low odor, water clean up, dries to a hard,  durable, non-gummy, sandable finish. It levels really well. Unfortunately, it presently only comes in gallons and in semi-gloss finish, but this is very suitable for most kitchens. It can be mixed to any of Behr's color palette, or color matched to any other color. I have been using,  recommending, and selling  this this product for two years now, and so far, have had only excellent results!
Posted 2016-04-12T00:07:19+0000  by ordjen
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