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painting laminate counter top

I am looking to paint my counter top. I see Rustoleum makes a flat single color counter top paint but I saw some complaints in reviews about scratching over time. Could I use something like the Rustoleum protective enamel clear spray to seal and protect the surface after painting? And if I'm sealing the surface could I just use any paint I wanted? Cheap and easy is what I'm looking for, that's why I like the spray idea. Ideally I'd like to even use the Hammered type spray paint for a base (to give some color depth) and then use the clear protective enamel to seal.
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Posted 2012-09-03T16:25:30+0000  by albkmb albkmb




The problem with painting over laminate is getting a really good bond to the hard, slick surface. Scratching of the surface is a sign that the best adhesion was not obtained.


If you want to utilize spray cans, I suggest the following: clean and prep the surface thoroughly. Scuff sand the laminate with 180 grit paper to where it is completely dulled. Prime the laminate using Zinsser's Clear spray shellac. Shellac has extremely good adhesion  to slick surfaces. Zinsser's  spray shellac, which is de-waxed, is compatible with almost every surface and almost any paint or clear coat will stick to it. This coat does not have to be heavy. It is merely a bonding agent.


Now you should be able to use the spray finish of your choice. The textured hammer look finish does sound interesting.However, as a clear coat, I would prefer a clear urethane spray. Urethanes are very water and alcohol resistive. The oil version urethane does have a slight amber tone, however over most strong colors, this will not greatly affect the finish color.


Before you commit to painting your counters in this manner, first make a sample probe. Go to the cabinet section of your local Home Depot and get a couple free samples of laminate. Prepare and paint the sample laminate in the above manner to make sure the coatings are completely compatible and scratch resistant.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2012-09-04T03:43:11+0000  by ordjen
That is such a PIA project to do correctly and the chance of success is low. Buying stock cabinets and replacing the existing counters will actually be easier and give you a much better look and durability.
Posted 2012-09-13T13:16:41+0000  by msrose


The original poster asked for "cheap and easy".  Replacing the cabinets and counter tops is neither!

Posted 2012-09-13T15:49:01+0000  by ordjen
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