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painting living room

never painted before how do i get started got paint and supplies but nervous about where what and how do i start

and dont have the pleasure of starting with an empty room

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Posted 2013-03-23T14:12:12+0000  by queenshaneda queenshaneda

Welcome back to the community :smileyvery-happy:


One of my favorite sayings is "It's only paint" - meaning, that paint is very forgiving.  You only see the last coat applied - so there's lots of room for mistakes and learning.


If you are planning on painting the whole room (walls, ceiling, and trim) then I like to start with the ceilings first. This way you can "slop" on the wall all you want.  In fact, I recommend just that..Paint a little bit onto the wall so you can overlap the wall color right up to the edge - it's just easier that way.


Next paint the walls with the same thought of not worrying about getting it on the trim.  Brush around everything (just like coloring in a coloring book) outlining with at least a 3 inch wide brush stroke.  Because you are painting the trim you save time and money not taping everything.


Lastly; paint the face of as much trim as possible without actually brushing the parts that touch the walls. By the time you have completed this stage you should be quite comfortable with a brush - so now paint those e areas that connect the wall (like sides of doors and windows) and remember that if your line is not perfect - you can always come back over the area with the wall paint.


I know that a lot of our members will want to share some more on this subject.  Please let us know how you are doing.

Posted 2013-03-24T13:38:14+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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