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painting metal file cabinets

I have several metal file cabinets I want to paint.  Is there anything special I need to use for preparing and painting them.

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Posted 2011-09-25T13:02:25+0000  by tamsikes tamsikes


Hi Tamsikes.  Welcome to the community:smileyvery-happy:.


Depending on the condition the metal file cabinets are in…there are just a couple of things to conider before moving ahead with the painting.


  1. The first step should be to clean the exterior with a heavy duty cleaning degreaser.  This will remove any oil deposits from years of being handled.
  2. Next, lightly sand the surface with a “fine” grit sanding sponge block.  These sanding blocks are very easy to grip, and will make the job more efficient.
  3. You may want to remove any hardware like handles and file plates before painting.



  If you haven’t already selected a paint for the final coat…let me suggest using an oil based paint for durability reasons.   Spraying is the ideal way to apply the paint so as to achieve the smoothest finish possible.  My favorite product for any metal refinishing is the Universal Spray Paint by Rust-Oleum.  It has superior coverage, adheres very well and is easy to apply.  I’ve updated so many objects with this product and have saved a ton of money by not having to buy new.   



I hope this got you off to a good start.




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Posted 2011-09-25T15:40:30+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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