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painting old kitchen cabinets

What is the best paint to  use in painting over kitchen cabinets,

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Posted 2011-04-16T18:27:38+0000  by hazy52 hazy52

Good morning, I am glad you registered with the Community.


One of the most rewarding DIY projects is revitalizing a tired old kitchen.  You can be very creative and complete it at your convenience.   


There are several ways to address the cabinets:

  1. Traditional prime/paint process - that requires all surfaces to be cleaned (with a degreaser), lightly sanded, primed with an oil based or shellac based primer, and painted with a top coat of oil based paint.
  2. Traditional stain/seal process – which requires stripping the old finish off, sanding all surfaces down to raw wood, staining, and applying at least two coats of sealer (varnish or polyurethane).
  3. Rust-Oleum’s Cabinet Transformations – which can be accomplished over the course of a weekend.  A simple 4 step process that is very easy to do.

My recommendation is to use the Rust-Oleum product. We have had lots of posts on the product and have had numerous positive feedbacks from people who have used it.  You can click on the link below to see the post that started it all.  Also, click on the picture below to see the Rust-Oleum site and watch some instructional videos that will inspire you.


I hope you have fun with your kitchen project.  Please post some before-during-after photos so the Community can all follow along.


RO Cabinets color chart.JPG

Posted 2011-04-17T13:03:57+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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