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painting over a glaze

I want to paint over bedroom walls that have two shades of light pink stripes.  Every other one has a glaze with glitter.  What do I need to do to cover it?  I am planning a grey paint.  
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Posted 2017-12-04T21:28:01+0000  by grmaliz grmaliz
Hi grmaliz,

Wash the walls with TSP to remove any soil, if any shine remains, use a deglosser to dull the finish.

Then apply a good prime /sealer such as Behr Premium Plus Primer/Sealer to cover the old color and give you a good base for the new color. Finally apply the new paint, if you use the primer/sealer one coat should cover the old color.


Posted 2017-12-04T23:54:06+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Thank you.  I can do those things. Do I need to do anything about the lines between the two pink colors?
Posted 2017-12-06T01:29:04+0000  by grmaliz
Your bigger problem is going to be getting rid of the ridges at the edges of the stripes. Stripes are usually made with the aid of blue tape. Painting over blue tape leaves a slight ridge that is just about impossible to remove. If you have flat wall, the only way to totally get rid of these ridges, which will be visible through the new paint, is to "skim coat" drywall compound over the whole surface. If you have textured walls, re-texturing is called for.

It is for this reason that i discourage customers from making taped designs on walls. Someday it will be a major  effort to return to the old wall, whether flat or textured.
Posted 2017-12-08T05:07:33+0000  by ordjen
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