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painting over plaster

We just purchased a home in CT that was built 1935.  I am removing wallpaper to expose the plaster walls to paint.

Can you texture the walls with a thin coat of joint compound?  Does the plaster need to be primered first?

How do you go about hanging items on a plaster wall?  The nails and molly bolts just create big holes in the walls.

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Posted 2013-05-25T11:29:43+0000  by ameroonie ameroonie

You should prime with an oil based primer to seal the surface and prevent anything from bleeding through.


1-Gal. Oil-Based White Original Sealer, Primer and Stain Blocker  Cover Stain 1-Gal. High Hide Primer  1-Gal. Oil-Based White Odorless Primer


Plaster walls usually have baton boards behind the top coat.  If you drill a tiny hole and drill a 2 inch screw into the hole you will most likely hit one of those small boards.




Posted 2013-05-26T20:34:48+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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