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painting the inside of can lights

The can lights in our bathroom are not finished.  The lights fit pretty far up in them and so the inside wall is visible.  They were sloppily painted and look pretty bad - you can still see the cardboard color near the top   How do i paint the inside walls and make it look smooth?

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Posted 2011-10-30T20:59:54+0000  by mindyl mindyl

Let’s tackle this one together.:smileywink:


   Most can lights are recessed inside the ceiling and then finished off with an attached trim kit that fits flush with the ceiling surface.

                                                                   recessed lighting.jpg

 What you are describing sounds like either your lights are missing that trim kit or that they are installed inside a finished recessed part of the ceiling.

    Recessed light.jpg

If this diagram is like what you are referring to then you are seeing the unpainted drywall that is similar to the color of cardboard far up in the nook.


   Treat the inside like you would a regular wall – first sanding and then patching the inside. Sand the patching compound (when dry), prime and paint the inside.  Depending on the width of the nook; you may want to use a tiny touch up roller for most of the painting. Use a long thin brush for getting high up into the light wall.


I hope this helped.  Please let me know if I am “off base” on this and try to post a picture or a link to help.


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Posted 2011-10-31T14:09:27+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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