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I'm trying to cover the paneling in my room do it looks flat, so I can paint it because I want to put chalkboard paint on it. My room is downstairs, in the hill of the property. Would the hill affect replacing the paneling completely with drywall? Does anyone have any other ideas?

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Posted 2011-07-05T16:26:12+0000  by simplyspecial95 simplyspecial95

Hi there simplyspecial95


I like your idea about covering an entire wall with chalkboard paint. You were probably thinking about something like this right?


To achieve relatively flat finish on the embossed or textured paneling you would have to apply drywall compound over an entire surface. For DIYer achieving satisfactory finish with drywall compound may be more difficult than covering this side of the wall with new drywall. I’m not sure what you skill level is with drywall compound:smileyhappy: but even pros avoid skimming over an entire wall. Erasing content off the textured chalkboard wall can end up being very difficult.

You can find more info HERE

Paneling it’s not a structural part of the house. Actually paneling it’s only an esthetic feature that is covering a concrete wall and mechanicals. Removing interior paneling would not affect a structural integrity of your home.

Easiest solution would be to apply a new 3/8” or 1/4” drywall over an existing paneling and not disturb whatever is behind the paneling.


Hope this helps.



Posted 2011-07-05T19:37:51+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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