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partical board floors

My floors are partical boards and I need to know what to paint them with. I need something I can clean easily and withstand 4 kids
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Posted 2013-02-20T21:24:17+0000  by trisha004 trisha004




If your floors are bare particle board, you will first want to prime them. My first choice on particle board is an oil based primer, such as Cover Stain or the Original Kilz, as it does not raise the grain  Water based primers tend to make this product kind of pucker up. After the primer  is dry, it can be lightly sanded to leave a nice flat, well sealed  surface which will accept the paint nicely.


You will want to have this primer tinted toward your finish coat color. With luck, you may get away with only a primer and a fnish coat.


Yoiur finish coat can be either oil or water based. An oil based  Porch and Floor urethane will give a very hard, washable finish. The urethane will have a higher gloss shine than a water based product. Unfortunately, when wet, this gloss can be very slippery. A water based acrylic or one-part epoxy will have a lower shine and will be somewhat less slippery when wet.


You can get creative with your painting and make unlimited designs with your paint: stripes, squares, a quilt like pattern, etc.


Particle board can also be stained. When stained, it takes on the look of cork. If I were going this route, I would use an oil based stain, followed by several coats of either oil or water based urethane  floor varnish. Unlike paint, varnishes are normally applied with a floor applicator which is made from either lambswool or  a synthetic nap.


Hope this has been of help

Posted 2013-02-21T01:59:04+0000  by ordjen
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