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patching a medium-sized wall hole -- need small piece of drywall

After a bit of electrical work, I ended up with a wall hole approximately 16"x12".  That's too large for the repair patches sold in store (example: Workforce 8 in. Pro PK Wall Repair Patches).  I have access to studs on both sides and could easily mount a piece of drywall here.  The one problem: I don't have a suitable piece of drywall.  Home Depot sells full-size 4'x8' pieces, which of course is far more than I need for this small project (and also hard to transport in a standard sedan-style car).  Any other suggestions?  Will a store sell a half piece or quarter piece?  Other folks providing drywall in smaller quantities?

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Posted 2012-08-09T15:42:28+0000  by bedelman bedelman

Hi bedelman, welcome to the community and were glad you joined. Hope your electrical project was a success.

Now that you have finished the major part of the work, let’s get you finished all the way.


Home Depot offers a 2ft X 2ft 1/2 inch drywall piece of repair drywall. This is perfect for those repairs that require more than what is available in a patch kit. This size also allows you to utilize the studs you have available to make a smooth finish of your project.


A lot of the stores have this product on a wing stack in the building department and sometimes in the paint department. If your local store does not have this, you can ask in the building department if they have a damaged piece of drywall that would meet your needs.


While you’re at The Home Depot don’t forget to pick up other supplies you may need, like some drywall compound, tape and texture to match you existing wall. Hope this helps.


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Posted 2012-08-09T16:14:44+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
if they don't carry the 2x2 piece of drywall as suggested, a full size piece is easy to cut down to smaller sizes. A simple utility knife cut is all it takes to shrink a full sheet of drywall.
Posted 2012-08-10T12:13:48+0000  by RyobiTileGuy

Hey RyobiTileGuy.  Welcome to the Community!


We are glad to have you join the forum.

Please keep us updated on your projects and feel free to join in helping others as you have done here.



Yo bedelman.


I'm glad your rewiring project worked out.

As Foodieken mentioned, local stores often have damaged drywall which they will discount and cut as required.

The best time to find this would be early on weekdays.  I think that most stores do carry the 2 foot square pieces though.


For a quick discussion on drywall repair you can see this thread:


A few different methods are mentioned.


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-08-10T14:59:06+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Thanks folks.  I hadn't managed to find the 2x2 piece in searching the product listings on the HD web site.  I will try that and also ask about a damaged piece.  Great to able to get this project finished!

Posted 2012-08-10T16:48:41+0000  by bedelman
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