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paver patio - recommended gravel depth and type

What gravel depth is recommended for a paver patio for Orlando's sandy soil type?



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Posted 2014-01-22T17:48:42+0000  by rlwjr rlwjr

Hey rlwjr.


We do not have to fight with sandy soils here in Atlanta, therefore we only have to put down 2 inches if a paver base and 1 inch of leveling leveling sand.


In sandy soil it is imperative that you put down 4 to 6 inches of a paver base and compact it with a plate compactor and then add 1 inch of leveling sand to the top of the paver base to insure that the pavers go down nice and smooth. I also talked to my Pavestone rep. in San Antonio Texas to confirm this and she confirmed that this was definitely the ideal way to do this project.

CLICK HERE for an installation video on how to install a paver patio. This should help clear up any other questions that you might have. If there are any other questions, hit me back here.

Posted 2014-01-23T15:17:13+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thanks for the help!

Posted 2014-01-23T15:28:05+0000  by rlwjr
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