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peeling paint

I painted my bathroom yesterday and the paint is peeling right off! I used Glidden paint and primer combined.

I stripped the wallpaper and washed down the walls. They had been painted by the contractor when the bathroom was remodeled and the contractor also papered the walls. So, I don't know what they used for a base coat.


I rolled on the first coat and it kept clumping. So I let it dry overnight, sanded it where it was rough so I could give it another coat. Then, I started wiping it down with water to wipe the dust off. The paint literally wipes/peels off with plain water.


I used a paint with primer in it since I didn't know what the orginal paint was. But, obviously, it didn't work. What now! Is it the Glidden paint? I have been painting for over 40 years and never had any problems like this!


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Posted 2013-03-05T22:13:32+0000  by Suez Suez

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My name is Christine and I work in the paint department at The Home Depot. .


 stand behind both the Glidden Duo and the Behr Ultra (both are a paint and primer in one). However, not even these can be used in every paint situation. That being said, neither of these paints can be used directly over wallpaper, or directly over walls that have had wallpaper removed. :(


Here's the reason why. Wallpaper glue is water based. The paint and primer in one is water based. If you were to put this paint directly over wallpaper, the glue would rewet and cause bubbling. When removing wallpaper, there is no way to remove all of the residual glue. When you put this paint on top of exposed glue, it will cause it to bubble and peel because the glue has reactivated.


You may be asking what you should do now. You need to start by removing any paint that has started peeling and bubbling. This may take a while, but you can't have anything on the wall that isn't secure to the wall. Once you have completed this, lightly sand the walls to make it smooth. Next, prime the walls with an oil based primer. This will seal the glue and will allow you to paint the walls with whatever paint you desire.


Please let us know if we can help with anything else!




Posted 2013-03-06T15:19:28+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL




Pre-pasted wallpapers are hung with a cellulose paste which is clear and very difficult to see. It is ,however, very slimey to the touch when wet. It is critical to try to remove all the paste. This is done largely by touch, scrubbing with a 3-M scrubby pad and sponges until the slimeiness can no longer be felt.


Using the scrubby pad has a second benefit in that it dulls down the glossy finish so often found in bathroom paints.


Whenever I removed paper, i always primed the walls with a dedicated primer. Should you have missed a little paste, the primer will  still bond to the wall. Also, in the process of getting wallpaper off, one often knicks the walls and patches must be made. The primer will seal the patches.


After the walls have been thoroughly cleaned , dulled and primered, the DUO or Ultra is still a good choice for the unforgiving humid bath environment.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-03-06T20:10:55+0000  by ordjen
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