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peeling paint

I recently removed popcorn from my ceiling and am attempting to paint now. As I am rolling the paint on, it immediately rolls right back onto the roller. Can ANYONE help me with this problem?  Thank you.

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Posted 2013-10-15T19:45:03+0000  by MrsClean MrsClean

Great screen name MrsClean!


Gotta love your creative side ... it's so much fun!


Your paint problem is not that uncommon.


Primer is most likely your answer.


Primer acts like double-stick tape ... the primer sticks well to most surfaces and leaves an exposed surface to which paint sticks easily.


Simply back up one step and add a coat of primer.


Wait about an hour.


Then paint.


Or, if you prefer, try one of the newer paint and primer-in-one ceiling paints:


1) Kilz Ceiling Paint and Primer; or

2) Behr Ultra Ceiling Paint and Primer.

Posted 2013-10-15T20:07:09+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hey! Thanks so much for your help! I was using paint duo, but will try stronger primer first. Thanks again!

Posted 2013-10-16T14:54:54+0000  by MrsClean

Great MrsClean!


Like Behr Ultra, Glidden Duo is an outstanding product!


However, since these paint and primer products were introduced, we've seen numerous examples where a primer followed by paint is the best solution.


Old School?


Yes, it is!


But when these newer products encounter a slick surface, they simply cannot cling as well as primer alone.


This is the one exception for these exceptional products!

Posted 2013-10-17T16:56:25+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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