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pendant light

can I use a different pendant light for a conversion kit  to replace recess light

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Posted 2012-02-26T20:56:25+0000  by jmb jmb

Hello jmb and welcome to the community!


If I'm understanding your question properly you want to take an existing recessed can and convert it to a pendant light. This process is a lot easier than many people may think and best of all, you don't have to get into the attic.


There are a number of conversion kits available convert recessed cans to pendants and for the most part all the skill required is the ability to screw in a light bulb.


Recessed can conversion kit


As you can see installation is simple with everything you need in a self contained kit. I hope this helps and if this wasn't exactly what you had in mind please get back to us and we can see what we can come up with.




Posted 2012-02-26T21:55:36+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Also jbm there is a $10.95 conversion kit at your nearest Home Depot.  This kit works with any recessed light and allows you to pick your own pendant light.  SKU383816 and can be ordered on to pendant.jpg



Posted 2012-03-01T19:08:37+0000  by Stukas
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