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planting a new lawn

I live in S.F. bay area & I want to plant a new lawn with grass seed I purchased from the internet (canada grass) it started raining a few days ago and should end in the next day or two. 1. When is the right time to seed? 2. What should I do to prepare the soil? When is the best time of day to water?
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Posted 2012-04-11T22:05:55+0000  by dameone dameone

Hello Dameone,


I am not sure what grass is canada grass, but check with a local nursery to make sure you will have success with it.

If you nights are 50 degrees or warmer, it is time to seed now. At the start you will be watering up to 3 times a day for best results.




  1. Whether or not you have existing grass or weeds, the best way to make sure you have no weeds coming up in your new lawn is to water for 3 weeks and spray any growing weeds with roundup. Roundup works on actively growing plants, so make sure that you spray on living plants, once it hits the soil, it does nothing.
  2. Measure your area, a 10x10 foot section is 100 square feet. You can use one bag of 2 cu. ft. mulch to amend that area. If your soil is clay you can use one 50# bag of gypsum for a 500 square foot area to help with drainage.
  3. Rototill these amendments into your soil.
  4. You can now put starter fertilizer down.
  5. Now you can add seed or sod.
  6. For seed add at the recommended rate on the back of the bag and use a spreader to make sure that the seed is spread fairly evenly. Cover for each 100 square feet is one bag of seed cover, topper, or nitrohumus.
  7. For sod, lay your sod down in alternating strips, like brickwork.
  8. Water both of these the same way as follows.
  9. 3x a day for 5 minutes the first week, 2x a day for 10 minutes the 2nd week, and one time a day for 15 minutes for the 3rd week. Gradually decrease the frequency of watering as time goes on, but lengthen the time you water. For established lawns, you can water one time a week for 1 hour to 45 minutes. You cannot overwater new sod or seed unless you flood it
  10. Mow after the grass is ½ inch higher than your mower will mow. Do not use weed-n-feed until your lawn has been mowed at least 3 times.
Posted 2012-04-11T23:06:16+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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