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my beard-tongue red plant is wilting & seams to be dying,it gets morning sun ,I water it weekly as per instructions,its been in the ground for 3-4 wks. i did give it a little mirical grow 2 wks. back. also my purple coneflower has brown edges on the flowers but hasen't grown any. planted it same time. help. carl
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Posted 2015-08-07T19:07:34+0000  by chiefdiver chiefdiver

Hi chiefdiver.


Thank you for your question. 


Without seeing a picture of your plants or knowing what your weather has been like the past 3-4 weeks, I can only take a guess as to what might be the problem with your plants.  The wilting could be heat stress if you have had some very high temperatures.  When do you water your plants?  Morning is the best time to water so that the plant is hydrated for the heat of the day.


The burning around the edge of your purple cornflower could be the result of over fertilization.  This happens easily with liquid fertilizers that are not buffered well by the soil like the granular ones are.  It could also be a result of burning by sun due to a lack of water. 


Be sure that your plants are watered from the bottom and not from the top. Morning watering is the best.


It is also possible that you may have cut worms or gophers in your soil that are damaging the root system of your plant. 


Both of these plants do well in full sun, but if you had transplanted them during a very hot period, this could have caused the plants to wilt.  The wilting should have happened within a few days of planting though.  I think you may have a cut worm or gopher issue.  These plants require a well-drained soil and do not do well in a clay soil. 

If you can, take some pictues of the plants and the area where they are planted in.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Posted 2015-08-07T22:10:31+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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