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platform bed

hello i am looking at making my own platform bed.

i have a full matress and i weigh 340 lbs i wanted to get some questions answered before i continue with this project if anyone with experence on any of the questionsi have

i am not looking for anything spectacular just something that will work and last a while


1. I am unsure of weight loads of wood would osb work for my weight if i built the base structre strong enough?

2. i have looked at some structre's online and the cross looks to have the most rigid ness of them all is it?


when i measured my matress it's about 60" long and 56" wide 

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Posted 2012-10-14T09:51:44+0000  by deathscythe deathscythe

Hi deathscythe and thank you for joining.


Plywood and OSB (particle board plywood) are not designed to handle concentrated loads without the additional supports. This said plywood or OSB alone would not be advisable as a sole support for your mattress.


You are one the right track with the cross supports.


A cross support placed in between the floor and the bottom of the bed is going to cut the span in both directions and significantly improve rigidness of the bed.


Does this answer your question? Let me know If have any other questions.





Posted 2012-10-23T19:58:17+0000  by George_HD_CHI

I have a design for a king sized bed for a handicapped person that would meet you needs. You'd just have to size it for your particular mattress. The link is here. It is based on a torsion box and post and beam construction similar to what is used in a deck.King Platform1.jpg

King Platform2.jpg

King Platform4.jpg


The original post, linked above, will mention the specifics of why this is designed using a torsion box.

Posted 2012-10-31T20:26:09+0000  by Paul
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