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pool cover,pool

I am having a party and i have a small unused pool12x12 round 144sq ft i need to cover but the pros are too expensive how can i do it myself?

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Posted 2011-11-26T01:59:25+0000  by ufrater ufrater

Hello ufrater,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


One of the easiest DIY things you can use for your unused pool to cover it up in one piece is to use a tarp. A 12ft. by 12ft. size is not a common size in tarps, as they usually come in rectangular shapes. But in your case, I would use a 12ft. by 16 ft. tarp as that is the closest size for your pool that we sell in stock. However, you may need a larger size depending on if the sides are concrete/cement to secure the tarp. 


To make sure the tarp will be secure, the simplest thing you can do is use a Tarp Grip with long stakes, like a long nail, for the tarp.


Below is a picture and link of a Tarp Grip, use them about every 2 feet and hold them down with hammer-driven stakes.

CinchTite Tarp Clip.JPG

Consider the tarp's color as was shown in the link provided above. Lots of tarps come in brown, silver, and sometimes white so as to not look like the usual bright blue color. Also, you can buy a larger tarp, and still use the clip and stake method. 


However, if it will be next to impossible to drive the nails into the ground due to having a concrete slab, you can essentially build a frame using metal pipe with couplings and angle elbows, all the while folding over the tarp around the pipe to help keep it tight and secure. Also, you can consider using decorative stones or blocks and create a perimeter around the tarp that looks decorative and requires no tools to achieve the look you want. There are lots of possibilities but using a tarp, and keeping it firm over the pool's surface will give you an inexpensive but not a cheap look to cover it up.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-11-26T18:17:14+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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