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power cord replacement

It is time to replace the power cords on my saws and drill motors. I am looking for rubber cable glands much like what is seen on your Skil replacement cord. I would like to save by using bulk wireing and my plug choise along with the cable glands. I have never seen them in the store. Do you carry them ? If not can you lead me in the right direction ?

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Posted 2013-01-06T17:34:46+0000  by jchamb11 jchamb11

Hello Jchamb11,


Welcome to the community.


I don’t believe we carry them in our stores. I normally go to my local electrical supply house and they have just about every size and style you can think of.


The other suggestion I would give is to go directly to the manufacture or service repair center of whatever tool you’re replacing the cord on and see if you can just purchase that part form them.


I wanted to let you know that we now carry a replacement power tool cord. It comes with the plug side already on it and the wires have been soldered on the ends. Its 8’ long, 16/3, 13 amp, 125 volt and has a 1,625-watt capacity. It’s even kink free.:smileywink:

                              Power Tool Replacement cord.jpg

So if you’re not able to find all of the parts to build your own replacement cords then I think this cord would do the trick.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2013-01-09T23:57:10+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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