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preserve old deck joists?


I am in the middle of re-surfacing my deck and now that I have removed the old decking boards, I can see that the joists are structurally ok, but are full of holes and dents from where the old screws were. I am wondering if the joists will deteriorate at a faster rate now because of the damage to their surface. Is there some kind of wood preservative I should apply to them, or barrier tape I should put over them?

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Posted 2016-07-15T20:04:30+0000  by ae5880 ae5880

There are protective tapes specifically made to cover the tops of decks joists. They are heavy duty synthetic tpes which are very sticky one one side. The nature of the glue is that  seals around the nail or screw driven through it, kind of like "seal sealing tires". this prevents water from getting into the top of the joist. This tape would also cover all holes remaining from past decking. All in all, the joist will absorb far less water if the top edge is protected with the tape.

Sealing the top of the joist with sealing tape also hinders bare wood to bare wood moisture transfer to the bottom of the unsealed deck board sitting on it. Ideally, the bottom of the deck board should be sealed before being fastened down, but the nature of man is that this step is rarely done.

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Posted 2016-07-18T04:09:13+0000  by ordjen
Because the joists are above ground, it's probably not really necessary.  If you want you could paint the joists, dripping some into the holes, with a wood preservative.  It's basically the same stuff they use to treat the wood with at the factory.  There are a number of brands on the market, that may or may not be available in store.

Posted 2016-07-16T10:08:35+0000  by Adam444
ordjen, thank you! joist tape is what i was looking for, just picked up some on amazon
Posted 2016-07-18T15:02:34+0000  by ae5880
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