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problem with Dewalt DW257 Deck/Drywall screwdriver

I have a Dewalt DW257  Deck/Drywall Screwdriver. It should have three depth positions, but I can only adjust between  two positions; also, I can not remove the Adjustment Collar as shown in the manual. What's the problem it could be? How can I fix it? Does HomeDepot charge anything if I bring it to a local store have it checked? Thanks!

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Posted 2010-12-30T01:23:27+0000  by paulchang6 paulchang6

Greetings and welcome to our community,


Dewalt makes a variety of quality tools, and the DW 257 seems to be one of them getting great reviews.


Representatives from Dewalt are in Home Depot stores often, and either they or any Home depot associate would be happy to assist you in looking at your 257, simply drop by your local store. If your local store has a tool rental that may be a plus but I am certain you can get the assistance you need.


In the meantime, you can look at the link to the manual here;


Or you can call Dewalt at 1-800-4-DeWalt


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Posted 2010-12-30T12:59:22+0000  by HD116

Thank you very much, HD116! I'll bring it to a local Home Depot store to get some assistance. But not sure how much they are going to charge.

Posted 2010-12-31T01:58:17+0000  by paulchang6
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