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problems with topcoat

I do not understand how you can still sale this product. I am an experienced painter. The deglosser & basepcoat are fine. The topcoat is terrible. I watched the videos & followed directions. The topcoat leaves horrible streaks or watermark like streaks. Lo & behold I google about problems with this & find NUMEROUS people having same problem for years. I wanted to paint the cabinets like I normally do   but, my daughter wanted me to use this WONDERFUL product that she learned about on u-tube. Now my questions: 1) any suggestions on how to fix this horrible product. 2) who do I talk to to complain about this horrible product. 3) How does my daughter get her money back by buying this horrible product? 4) How can you continue to sale & promote this horrible product that your company has known about for years ( there is numerous mentioning in your OWN forums as far back as 2011) ? 5) do you have the guts to  not remove this post & actually answer it.
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Posted 2016-05-23T02:28:51+0000  by fletchshouse fletchshouse
sorry, I was referring to the

Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations

Posted 2016-05-23T03:09:13+0000  by fletchshouse
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