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project: how to

How do I uninstall ice cube maker & remove tank & wires from under my sink?

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Posted 2013-06-01T13:08:13+0000  by xstitcher2 xstitcher2

Hello xstitcher2 and thank you for your question.


First, you should consult the manufacturer of the ice maker for any special instructions for removing and disassembling the ice maker.  In general, you should turn off the electricity and the water supply to the unit before disconnecting the unit.  Allow the unit to cool down. Remove the ice bucket and wipe up any visible water before unplugging the unit.  If the icemaker is plugged in, simply pull out the plug.  If the unit is hardwired, consult a qualified electrician.  Place a bucket under the tubing attached to the ice maker then remove it and allow any water to drain.  Pull out the unit and remove from the cabinet run. 


If you are moving the icemaker to another location, securely tape down loose items inside the unit then tape the door shut; keep the icemaker in the upright position during transport.  If you are disposing of the ice maker, remove the door and leave the shelves in place to prevent children or pets from climbing into the unit.


Best wishes on your project.

Posted 2014-04-22T15:01:11+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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