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pull chain disappearing act...


Pull chain for fan broke and receded into fan housing.  
Opened up housing to find remainder of chain stuck in fan speed switch module.  Chain too short to reach and fan speed switch unit is permanently held together by three "rivets." Further, fan speed switch is hard wired to fan direction switch and voltage (?) regulator.
What is estimated cost to have this fixed by electrician or even a Home Depot contractor?
What is estimated cost and time for a layman to attempt such a repair?
Also, if I wanted to convert said fan to remote control (both light and fan), what would be the cost for that ?
There is no tag or other identifying info on the fan except a UL sticker on top that says "made in Taiwan" and "(Fire Bird)".
It is a 52" fan, five blades, light fixture and brass colored.
Even without knowing the name brand, what do you estimate a general repair cost for the chain fix and conversion to remote control ?
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Posted 2013-05-08T03:59:48+0000  by safebet safebet

Hey safebet,


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Depending on who will fix the pull chain for your fan will determine the final cost for your ceiling fan. This goes for true for an entire replacement and/or installing a remote control receiver in it as well.


This can be a fairly simple DIY job for both things you want done to the fan, honestly. As long as your power is turned off leading to the ceiling fan, it is possible to pry and successfully remove the fan speed switch. We do carry replacement fan speed switches in our lighting department.


We also sell replacement remote controls as well. This can be done without taking down the fan entirely, just the top canopy housing where it meets the ceiling.


I would say that if you only found a UL listing on top of the ceiling (which is where the indemnification is for almost all ceiling fans), then it very well could be one that can't be tracked down unless it does have another sticker on it.


As stated earlier, I can't give an exact quote for you because different electricians and handymen will give you various quotes. Some base their pricing on per hour, and some base their pricing on each job (replacing the chain, remote installation). A lot of master electricians will charge you just to come out to your home...yet another reason we can't quote pricing  never would be one price and accurate.


It is a lot like getting a price for labor and parts from a car mechanic...various ones will give you different prices.


Fortunately, I have several options for you that will assist you in getting an exact quote, and not a rough guesstimate.


First, call 1-800 HOME DEPOT and we can schedule you an on-site installation assessment. They will have to come out to your home first to ensure what the electrician is working with.


The other option, if it is available in your area, is Redbeacon. It is a free online service that can give you not one but several quotes from licensed pros. Click below to find out more information.

 photo Redbeacon-Trustedprosforabetterhome.jpg


The last option would be to contact electricians and pros in your local area to see if they can give you on-site estimates and quotes. Some can do it over the phone, but most will require a trip to your home to ensure you a more accurate price and cost of labor.


I hope this information has assisted you, and let us know if you have any additional questions.



Posted 2013-05-08T13:23:17+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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