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putting wooden steps over existing concrete steps

I am trying to put wooden steps over existing concrete steps.  the steps that are there are unfortunately built into the foundation.  I am looking to put 5 wooden steps over 3 existing steps with a handrail later. The steps that are there now are approximately 30 inches high,

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Posted 2012-09-13T17:16:11+0000  by reneeduval2010 reneeduval2010

Hello rene,


You haven’t specified if these are interior or exterior steps you are intending on covering?


I’m assuming they are interior being that I don’t see why you would want to cover exterior stairs …?


I’m sure there is number or ways this can be done but first one that came to mind is using drop in anchors in combination with construction adhesive.



 wood over con.JPG




As you can see basically you would screw the new wood treads to the concrete bellow. Best way to go about measuring and installation … (anchors need to be position exactly bellow the pilot hole) is to drill the concrete with the wood tread in place.drop in.jpg

Simply start pilot holes in wood using wood bit until you feel it has reach the concrete…repeat this process with all four corners. Switch to the masonry bit and drill all four holes to the recommended depth for the drop in anchors…

Vacuum the holes and hammer the anchors in place apply construction adhesive and screw the tread to the concrete….

Small tip – for the best bond …press the tread in to the adhesive and remove  .…after about a half minute  press the tread back in and screw to the concrete…


These are the screws you should be using and once it all said and done these should sit flush with the surface of the treads.


These are called flathead machine screws …and in order for these screws to sit flush with the surface you are going to need to countersink  the hole first using this tool…


I would recommend using 1/4” + size for the screws.


Hope this helps,



Posted 2012-09-17T19:31:09+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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