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re.: replace an older model woden desk

I am on a budget and this will be a weekend project. There was a deck build onto the older model brick home with wood on top of concrete. We can not see the condition of the concrete. Due to the rain and age of the deck,it is becoming unsafe. I would like some suggestions and simple guidance of how to restore deck and possibly screen it in at a later date.
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Posted 2013-04-01T13:00:20+0000  by callie callie

Hi Callie,


I have a few questions; first in what way is the deck unsafe? Is it unstable? Are there rotting planks or supports? Is it leaning to one side? Are the railings loose?


You stated you cannot see the concrete, is the deck resting on the concrete or is it elevated off the concrete using posts and beams or is it on concrete piers?


If the deck is unsafe in any way, then a thorough evaluation should be performed to determine the condition of the structure and the supports.


Any rotten or termite infested wood should be replaced. If deterioration is extensive then the deck should be removed and rebuilt. Use pressure treated lumber for any repairs.


After repairs are complete you can use Restore Deck Refinisher to refinish your deck and give it a like new appearance.


Restore completely encapsulates the wood and will fill cracks up to ¼” wide. It’s a nonslip water proof permanent finish that is very durable and available in many colors to match your homes color scheme.


I have included a link and a video below on the product.


I you have any additional questions please ask.






Posted 2013-04-01T18:00:37+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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