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recently bought behr concrete stain for my family room floor. thought it was concrete. upon lifting

existinf carpet we found linoleum tiles. so behr product is out of question. can we use rustoleum epoxy kit meant for garage to cover the tiles?

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Posted 2013-10-08T22:21:05+0000  by kentjames kentjames

I doubt it.  The product is meant for concrete which is a pourous surface.  I'd suggest you contact Rustoleum directly and ask for their recommendation.


I'd think new carpet or a laminate/engineered floating floor would be a better choice.


Depending on the age of your house, those tiles and/or adhesive may contain asbestos.  The tiles are fine along as they're in good shape but you don't want to do anything that cuts or abrades them (like sanding in preparation for paint).

Posted 2013-10-08T22:33:31+0000  by Adam444

 You might want to check out the Allure flooring system at Home Depot. It is a form of all vinyl tile which has an adhesive strip attached. It lays down in strips to form a "floating" continuous vinyl floor which can go right over the existing floor. There are several wood tone patterns which emulate real wood. Being all vinyl, it is pretty well immune to the problems of flooring below grade.

Posted 2013-10-09T00:31:17+0000  by ordjen
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