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recommendations needed to cover dark paint on bedroom walls.

Should I prime first, maybe 2 coats then try to put color over it.  I have heard nightmares about trying to cover up dark paint.  The previous color on wall is Bright, Satin Colbolt Blue and the closet doors are painted Bright, Satin Red.

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Posted 2014-01-02T19:07:58+0000  by pearl1031 pearl1031

Hi Pearl1031,


The first step is to wash down the walls, and make sure they are clean and dry.


Make sure you have removed any sheen by sanding or using a deglosser on the paint.


Be sure to make any repairs to the walls as necessary before priming, inspect the walls again after priming for defects you may have missed.


While some people will suggest using a paint and primer in one, I would suggest using a stain/color blocking primer such as Kilz Premium first.


The Kilz primer will cover the old color and give you a good solid base for your top coat.


Then paint your walls with quality paint such As Behr Premium Plus, or Behr Ultra with paint and primer in one.





Posted 2014-01-02T23:22:10+0000  by Mike_HD_OC


I am one who believes that  paint and primers in one, such as Behr Primium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra, can have definite advantages when merely making a color change over walls of satin or lower sheen that are in good condition. This is especially so when the new color is being mixed from Ultra Pure White Behr paint. The covering ability of a paint or primer is largely determined by the amount and quality of the white pigment in it. Behr UPW has fully four pounds of premium titanium dioxide pigment in it, as much or more than a premium primer.


Further, when using the paint as primer, you are using the actual finish color. This gives additional hiding ability and results in a richer finish color. Of course, the primer may be tinted, but then this results in using a second product  where additional waste may result and additional time is spent in cleaning out the primer from roller, pan and brush.


Consider this scenario: you are painting room of about 10X14 foot size. This requires about one and one half gallons of both primer and paint. The primer is tinted toward the finish color. You will have about a half gallon of tinted primer left over and also the same amount of paint. Had you simply gone around twice with 3  gallons of the Behr  paint, you would have very little product left over. You will have spent no more, or even less money, and you will have saved time.


Would I always advise the primer/paint product? No, but often it is very advantageous. Dedicated primers are great over very porous surfaces such as new drywall or over that notorious "contractor paint" that is used in many new homes. Dedicated primers are good when going over very slick surfaces where adhesion is paramount. Dedicated primers are good when specific stains need to be sealed in. However, when merely considering a color change over lower sheen walls which are in good shape, consider one or two coats Behr Premium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra directly to the walls! Time, effort and money may well be saved!


Posted 2014-01-03T03:14:35+0000  by ordjen
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