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redoing my vert. sewer line

i want to replace my old sewer line that is comin down from my toilet.  what kid of support do i need? Are there brackets?and how will it work going threw the wall? 


a little history- its an old house, there is a jut out in the corner of my kitchen where the pipe comes down. can i put it threw the wall some how?also, i am looking to move the toilet to the other side of the bathroom, what are some sugestions for runnin routes?

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Posted 2010-11-26T13:33:03+0000  by crowns2020 crowns2020

Vertical support is only required every 10' for 3" or 4" DWV(drainage, waste, & vent)lines. I'm not quite sure why it is coming through a wall. Are you using a wall hung toilet, or are you referring to penetrating the wall plate and floor inside a wall? Hopefully if you are rerouting to another location, your 3" or 4" DWV will stay in the same joist space, because you should not cut or drill through your floor joists for a 3" or 4" DWV line to go through. If you have to cut or drill 1 or more joists, you should probably seek professional advice.

Posted 2010-11-26T19:54:09+0000  by highinspect
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