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remove backsplash portion of Linoleum Countertop

How do I remove the backsplash portion of the linoleum countertop?

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Posted 2013-11-10T15:23:58+0000  by amylilfire amylilfire

Kind of depends on how your countertop was fabricated.  Some use a separate backsplash and others have backsplash that's integral to the countertop.  The kind with a separate backsplash will have a right angle where the two pieces meet while the integral type will have a small radius.  The former are usually held in place with caulk and/or construction adhesive and can be carefully pried apart.  The later would have to be cut apart.

Posted 2013-11-10T16:00:27+0000  by Adam444

Most of the time they will just pull off (with a little help :smileywink:)


Sometimes the edges will have a metal trim piece that has to be removed with a stiff putty knife. 


To remove the panel: start a corner and gently pry it up with a putty knife. Work along the edge until enough has come off enough to grab the whole section and pull up.  If for some reason the panel is brittle and breaks off in pieces, then try using a Multi-tool instead.



*use protective eye wear and wwork gloves.

Posted 2013-11-10T16:08:43+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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