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remove mirror from glass

I just bought a used fish tank.  On the back of the tank, there is a mirror that has started to chip away. How can I completely remove the mirror?

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Posted 2011-05-11T16:30:42+0000  by mares_e_doats mares_e_doats

Hey there mares_e_oats,


Thanks for joining our community :)


Most mirror finishes on glass are just backings applied to the glass, and if it's already started to chip away then it should be easy to remove.




 Razor Blades will help speed up the removal process, rather than having to do it by hand. Just Be careful not to scratch the actual glass as you do this.


You can also use a bit of either Acetone or remover products such as Lift Off. Both of these will help soften up the adhesive that holds the mirror backing to the glass, and will make scraping it off even easier. I would let them sit on the backing for about 5 minutes or so, to achieve the best results. Be sure to rinse off any product or chemical that you use once you have finished with it, and follow proper safe handling procedures when using them such as wearing gloves and eye protection.


Hope that helps solve it for you! Be sure to post up pictures of the results, or let us know if we can clarify anything for you. Good luck!~





Posted 2011-05-12T15:18:39+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

I tried the acetone and razors, and it did not work. My husband got impatient and tried to sand it off. Now there's a patch of glass with scratches in it. any way to fix this new problem?

Posted 2011-05-15T02:39:33+0000  by mares_e_doats

and is there any way to put mirror back over those spots?

Posted 2011-05-15T23:35:05+0000  by mares_e_doats

Hello Mares_e_doats, 


This is Christine and I work at The Home Depot in Atlanta. 


I'm sorry about your mirror problems :smileysad:. There is only one way to fix it: you will have to resilver the mirror. There are kits out there that you can purchase. From what I have heard, this is a time consuming process. 


Make sure to follow both the safety and instructions on how to use the kit very carefully. 


Good luck and let us know how it turns out!







Posted 2011-05-25T13:58:56+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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