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remove old window cornice

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Posted 2011-01-09T17:09:59+0000  by valentinetwin valentinetwin

    I forgot to add the specifics about the cornice.  Our home is an early 1970's 2 story.  The window coverings are probably from the original owner.  We plan to remove them.  A big (1 foot?) long cornice (attached to the ceiling and curved around the the wall) needs removed. 

Any suggestions on how to remove the cornice?


Posted 2011-01-09T17:19:47+0000  by valentinetwin

Welcome to the community and Happy New Year.


   This might have to be a "two man" operation. If it is a rather long cornice, then it might be pretty heavy. They are traditionally made out of wood and then wrapped with foam & fabric. Most of the time they are installed with angle brackets. Sometimes they will be located inside near the top or possibly outside above. They will be attached with screws, so you will have to remove them in order to detach the brackets. I would recommend loosening the part that is attached to the cornice first - it is just easier to get to. Have your help hold up the end just loosened, while you get the other end. Usually there will be a center bracket as well (depending on the length). Be for-warned that the screws might be the "flat head" type - which are quite frustrating to remove in such tight quarters.




I hope this helped you to get started. Thanks for stopping by.

Posted 2011-01-09T17:39:46+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thank-you for the information!  I really appreciate it!  Once my husband and I have completed the removal, I will post how it went and possibly add a picture! 

Posted 2011-01-09T17:47:05+0000  by valentinetwin

My pleasure. We love questions.


You may have lots more questions yet to please stay in touch. 


Posted 2011-01-09T17:53:52+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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