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remove stuck bolts on screened in porch

One of the previous owners of my house installed a screened in porch.  They added aluminum frames, and the screen frames are held into there with brackets and little aluminum bolts that should be tightened and loosened with your fingers.


Somewhere along the way, some genius went and painted the aluminum frames, painting over all the little bolts.  Gel paint stripper has loosened about half of the bolts, but the others are really stuck.  I tried using a little wrench on one of them, but only succeeded in breaking off the soft aluminum bolt.  


So, first question:  any other suggestions for how to loosen these?  I tried WD-40 on one of the stuck bolts after I got the paint off (and the bracket itself is loose).  

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Posted 2011-06-14T01:22:27+0000  by ccurvey ccurvey

Hello ccurvey.  Welcome to the Home Depot Community!


Sometimes simple things like removing fasteners can just drive me nutty, (OK, really bad pun!).


In order to save as many of these aluminum bolts and nuts, what I would do first is take a utility knife and scribe the paint off on both sides of the wing nut.  Use the blade point to cut in front where the bolt passes through, and in back where the flat contacts the frame.



Spray the WD-40 on those cuts, which now has a pathway to penetrate the threads and the back of the wing nut, giving you a better chance of loosening it.


Another option you may want to try is this PB Blaster: LINK.




The only other suggestion I have once you get a nut to turn is in how you remove it all the way.  Alternate loosening each nut 1/4 turn with tightening it 1/8.  This will help clean out the threads as the nut comes off and reduce the chance that to will snap off after the victory of getting it to turn in the first place.


I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-06-14T15:34:56+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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