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repainting door

tried repainting overe an interior door yesterday. Left it under patio to dry and it rained,getting it wet. The paint bubbled n some spots.I let it dry longer,then tried light sanding to smooth out wrinkles/bubbles.the finish in those areas just started peeling.Should I just resand completely and start over from scratch or what ?!!??

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Posted 2013-07-15T23:27:08+0000  by Sparksflyin74 Sparksflyin74

Hello Sparksflyin74!


The moisture weakened the binders in your paint and there is no magic solution to repair the condition.


Sanding with 150-grit would be one approach.


Another would be 00 synthetic steel wool ... found near the sandpaper.


In either case, you'll sand the damaged paint completely off the surface and wipe with TSP to remove any remnants.


Allow to dry and prime the door before painting.


Primer acts like double-stick tape for paint ... it clings to the surface and give paint a surface to which it can adhere well.


Once dry, you can repaint the door with confidence that your paint will adhere.



Your primer can be tinted to be similar to your new color. You'll add your first coat of color while priming.

Posted 2013-07-16T13:18:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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