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repair ceiling texture that is sharp points

How do they make those ceiling patterns with sharp points on ceiling?
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Posted 2015-03-18T14:25:40+0000  by monkeywrench monkeywrench

Such sharp peaked textures are accomplished by pulling the applicator straight off the surface. This could be a sponge or a trowel. Unfortunately, only the original person who applied it knows exactly how it was done. It takes a little experimentation to duplicate the texture. The actual material is probably simple drywall compound troweled on and then pulled off with the tool to cause the peaks.

There are also special texture rollers that will impart that sharp, "peaky" stucco like pattern. These roller covers  have a  very course plastic "steel wool"  like woven material which pulls up the heavy bodied texture paint as it is rolled.
Posted 2015-03-18T17:21:42+0000  by ordjen
Hey monkeywrench!

Stipple is a common method in new construction and renovation.

It is sometimes referred to as, "that flower pattern."

Essentially, you thin Lightweight Pre-Mixed Joint Compound with a tiny bit of water.

Your goal when thinning is to make is creamy but not runny.

Place a sheet of cardboard on the floor and pour two quarts of thinned mud.

Use a stippling brush on a pole and prime the brush by pressing bristles down into the mud until the bristles start to spread.

Use a mud trowel to spread a 1/2-inch layer of thinned mud onto the unfinished sheetrock ceiling.

Turn the pole brush-side up, then press-twist-and-pull-down.

Repeat the process over the repair area, feathering into the original pattern around the edges.

As Ordjen suggests, the only person who really knows exactly how the pattern was created is the person who produced it.

However, most DIYers can create a similar pattern using this tool and technique.

Similar enough that most of your family and friends will never see the repair.

People commonly think this pattern was created with a "cut off mop."

I'm certain that contractors have their own methods and you may find several unusual tools if you research stippling further.
Posted 2015-03-19T18:24:28+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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