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repair of brick paver steps

I have a brick paver patio this is half moon.  There are larger pavers on the outside and smaller pavers set inside all the way up to the house. It has been repaired several times by the company that put it in.  The pavers keep separating and the smaller pavers are sinking.  Well, I am no longer under warranty.  I need to know how and what to use to bring the pavers back up and together.  I don't want to take the whole 2 steps apart, but it has sunk about 2-4".  It's mainly the top step off of the house that was "come apart".   When I take the smaller pavers out of the half moon...what do I put underneath to raise it up?  I know to put the special sand on and get it wet once I have completed the reshaping and resetting.  HELP!




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Posted 2013-03-21T16:30:15+0000  by Andi14cvt Andi14cvt

Howdy Andi14cvt,


Welcome to The Home Depot Community. Without actually seeing the patio it's just a process of ellimination of what the problem could be. From your description it sounds like either; you do not have an edging to hold the pavers in one tight spot or the paver base is too thin or non existent.


If there is no edging this can easily be fixed by installing some. It works by holding the pavers in place while allowing for some minimal flex for changing temperatures.




If your pavers are lacking enough paver base this is a larger project. This would involve removing the paver section that is sinking and putting in at least 3-4 inches of paver base, tamping down, and putting pavers down again.  If the entire area is unsavable, you may have to take the patio apart and start from scratch.


Here are some links that will explain in detail the steps needed to correctly install pavers.


Happy Paving,

Posted 2013-03-21T20:13:59+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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