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repair stucco

how to repair broken old stucco, in patches on outside exterior of home, need to know what supplies I need?

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Posted 2013-06-06T22:51:44+0000  by facaguilar facaguilar

Stucco repair is one of those projects that you need to pull out your artistic gifts on and be a little creative.  


What I'm referring to is the technique for matching the existing texture of the stucco.  Each stucco application is unique to the contractor that installed it (like a signature).  When a patch is applied, and the pattern is different that that of the existing surface, an area will become noticeable.  So you will need to try and re-create the pattern.


I like to use Pre-mixed stucco patch because of its elastomeric qualities (remain flexible).

Phenopatch 1-Gallon Off-White Pre-Mixed Stucco Patch


I have discovered a few tricks for trying to re-create existing textures.


This is one of the most common stucco textures.  After applying a coat of the stucco patch and letting it sit for a few minutes - I use a sharp pencil to draw in the pattern.  


stucco 1.jpg


This texture is achieved by applying several small layers of patch on top of one another.  Wait inebriate for the patches to dry before adding any layers.


stucco 2.jpg


Posted 2013-06-09T15:31:47+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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