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repairing deck support piers

I have my deck supported by a number of cement piers with wooden blocks on them. The wooded blocks are rotting, how can I repair this. I suspect I can remove the old wood and hammer a new piece under the support but I'm not sure if that's the best way to go.

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Posted 2011-07-06T20:36:34+0000  by manny0831 manny0831

Hello Manny,


Welcome to the Community!


Your repair is actually quite simple.


You'll need a hydraulic jack and two blocks of wood; one goes on the ground and the other against the frame of the deck.


Measure and cut your replacement pieces before you begin lifting the deck.


You may want to apply weather proofer to these pieces to prevent them from rotting.


You'll only need to move the frame a small distance (maybe 1/2 inch) to free the wooden blocks you are replacing.


You may want to have a pry-bar on hand just in case the wooden blocks have screws or nails attaching them.


Gently lift the deck adjacent to the cement piers, free the wooden block at that location, install the replacement piece (making certain the piece matches the size of the one you are replacing), and then gently lower the deck.


Move to each location that needs this repair and repeat.


I have done this with decks near the ground and others as high as seventeen feet.


It works beautifully!


Like all repairs that involve heavy structures, make slow, gradual movements, and exercise caution.


Finally, I would suggest having a spotter on hand ... to double check your work and watch for safety issues.


NOTE: Your repair is similar to one where we helped a member with Front Porch Pillars.

Posted 2011-07-07T12:38:46+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Did you use any type of anchor in the cement pier to hold the post securely? I see they have an adjustable one with what looks like a 3/4"a bolt set in the concrete.

Posted 2013-07-06T00:01:21+0000  by wxman
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