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repairing outside spigot

spigot outside is leaking. tube under house goes into foundation and out to spigot.. tried to tighten but i think the whole thing need to be replaced, any suggestions.

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Posted 2011-04-11T18:48:03+0000  by wayne5515 wayne5515

We just moved into this house before the winter and I am trying to do odd things around the house that the previous owner let fall into disrepair. On the top of my list is fixing/replacing the outside water faucet. Replacing with a freeze-proof one is not an option as the pipe is build into the concrete wall and the pipe leading into the house ends up being inside a wall with no access to cut away the pipe and re solder without alot of work and money (something I wouldn't be able to do myself even if it wasn't blocked). I am trying to figure out what I need to fix this myself, either repair the current faucet or what I should be looking for to replace this one. It looks like a female threaded 3/4 faucet, I will include pictures below.



Posted 2013-05-19T00:03:46+0000  by Goom128


Posted 2013-05-19T00:05:10+0000  by Goom128

How do you rrepair one piece anti siphon faucet?  It apears to be one peice..

Posted 2013-09-29T19:47:23+0000  by Mel53
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