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replace copper tubing to icemaker

The copper tubing has hole. Is this easy to replace myself and what about the cost?

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Posted 2011-01-16T21:27:20+0000  by 1sherlea 1sherlea

It should be very easy to fix this yourself. First you will want to cut the section with the hole out using a tubing cutter (if you use a saw make sure to de-burr the ends of the tubing).  now that the hole is removed all you have to do is coupling the ends back together.  Use either a quarter inch compression coupling or a quater inch sharkbite coupling.

Posted 2011-01-17T01:13:09+0000  by jeff0206

Hey there 1sherlea, jeff0206 is absolutely correct on how to do the repair on the copper tubing. I just wanted to add my two cents and say that if you are pulling the fridge out to fix that copper line I would suggest replacing it with a reinforced braided supply line (stainless steel or nylon) as these are less likely to leak in the future. 


You can buy a reinfoced supply line with 1/4 inch compression threaded fittings already fixed on either end, all you have to do is shut off your angle-stop valve at the wall, unthread the existing copper line using an adjustable wrench and thread the new line on. Repeat this process where the water line connects to the fridge and you are done!


The cost for this project is around $7-$20 depending on the type of supply line you choose. 


I hope this helps! 





Posted 2011-01-18T20:13:40+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

don't forget the thread tape!

Posted 2011-01-18T21:40:24+0000  by jchanger

Hey jchanger, these fittings should all be compression threaded instead of IPS or NPT. Thread tape is not nessisary as these will seal using ring compression (copper) or on a rubber washer (braided lines). 


However many plumbers I know still use a bit of PTFE compound (pipe dope) in the threads of these fittings as it will be displaced by tightening. The issue with PTFE tape is that it can actually prevent the compression effect by making the threads tighten up too quickly. 



Posted 2011-01-18T22:32:32+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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