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replace oven element

How do you secure it

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Posted 2011-02-23T00:03:22+0000  by pgs pgs

Good morning, pgs, and welcome to the community, you don't mention whether it's the top or bottom element, or the brand, so I'm gonna shotgun an answer at you which should cover all the bases.

All elements attach to the back of the oven in one of two ways, it will either simply plug in, or you will need to attach the two leads... then two screws hold it in place. Once you take yours out you'll know which you have, just remove the screws if you see them (you should if the oven isn't too dirty), and/or give it a wiggle to "unplug" it, being careful not to yank out the wires. Reverse the process to install your new one.

To secure it to the top/front of the oven, it should have some type of clip that supports the front. When I did mine some years ago, it went in so easy that I don't actually recall anything more complicated than that. If yours doesn't have these clips, you'll need to replace them as well, (, or the manufacturer).

For the bottom element it doesn't have clips, just some type of "foot" to keep it off the floor of the oven.

This is what I remember from doing mine several years ago and again it was fairly straight forward. If any other member has done this recently, please chime in, I promiseĀ it will not hurt my feelings.

One more thing that I do know for sure, is thatĀ most manufacturer websites offer some type of "exploded" view of things like this, so check that out as well.

Keep us posted, and I know everyone here at the the community would love some chocolate chip cookies when you get that oven working.

Ray the Hammer

Posted 2011-02-23T14:16:40+0000  by TheHammer
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