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replace regular electric outlet on the ceiling with J box for ceiling fan


I currently have an electric outlet that was left over from a projector on my ceiling. I was wondering if I can take out the outlet and replace it with a junction box for a ceiling fan or light fixutre. I was wondering if this is possible and what it would take. 



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Posted 2013-06-15T20:09:03+0000  by clueclue clueclue

Hi clueclue,


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The power source that supplies the outlet will power any light or fan that you choose to install. Your concern needs to be the weight of the fixture that is to be installed.


Ceiling fans are the most challenging fixtures because they involve motion. Any box that is rated for a ceiling fan should be sufficient, but always consider the weight capacity of the junction box that you choose.



Madison Electric Products Smart Box Adjustable Depth 75 lb Ceiling Fan Support / 50 lb Light Fixture SupportWestinghouse Fan Master Junior Support Fan Brace

Westinghouse Saf-T-Brace


These examples are easy to install through the existing opening for between floor applications. There are many other options for you if you have access to the junction box from above.


Thanks for asking.





Posted 2013-07-12T15:25:19+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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