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replaced kitchen outlets exactly same as old - now some work & some don't

i replaced my kitchen outlets & 1 switch along the countertop.  they are wired the exact way the old ones were & are in the same order the old ones were, which worked perfectly fine i just didn't like the color.  from right to left (starting w/outlet closest to sink):  light switch-->gfci-->phone/cable jack>gfci-->reg-->reg-->reg.  working:  light switch, gfci 1, phone/cable jack, gfci 2, reg 2.  the reg outlet between the 2nd gfci & 2nd reg outlet does not work, nor does the last reg outlet.


i've checked them twice & have ensured they are wired exactly the same.  what is the problem?  any help is greatly appreciated!

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Posted 2012-11-10T16:03:42+0000  by stpazo77 stpazo77

I'm trying to understand your problem;  does the last GFI work ?


Did you try the reset button on the GFI ??


Did you hook the reg.outlet to the { LOAD } terminals of the GFI??


You might have a bad GFI !!

Posted 2012-11-10T21:15:56+0000  by tciociola

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Most likely it has something to do with a "tripped" GFI outlet somewhere in the house.  Most common places where they are located are in areas that might be exposed to water overflow (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, basements, and exterior outlets).  Press all the ones you find regardless if they look "tripped" or not.




If that doesn't remedy the problem then it most likely is what our other member suggested - a faulty GFI unit.

Posted 2012-11-11T16:32:49+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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