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replacement battery pck for ryobi 7.2 drill model hp-722

i need a replacement battery pack for a ryobi model hp-722, 7.2 volt drill.

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Posted 2013-12-26T00:59:14+0000  by ricwin ricwin

It looks like that drill is at least a decade old.  I doubt you're going to find a battery but you could give Ryobi a call.  1-800-525-2579


If you really want to keep the drill you might be able to have the battery pack rebuilt.  There are online companies that do it and stores like Batteries Plus and Battery Giant that can rebuild packs a well.


It might be time to think about a new drill.  A new Ryobi 12v  drill with two lithium ion battery packs, charger, and case goes for $69.



Posted 2013-12-26T01:57:10+0000  by Adam444

Hello ricwin!


Every DIYer knows ... the New Year calls for new tools!


After all, the value and function has greatly increased since you bought the one you own now.


I was on the "replacement battery search" several years ago, and I found a Ryobi value pack that contained eight tools and two 18-volt batteries for about forty dollars more that replacing two 12-volt batteries.


I have been so pleased with the new tools and really feel I improved my project options by spending just a few dollars more.



Now when I need run-time to complete a project, I don't have to stop and wait for the battery to recharge.


In fact, each 18-volt battery provides at least fifty-percent more run-time.


And, these batteries have enough energy to drive all my new tools: circular saw w/laser guide, saws-all, sander, jig saw, and even my replacement drill.


Take a careful look at the value-added aspect of replacing your drill with a value pack ... I've really benefitted from owning the extra tools.



My son, who just graduated from Georgia Tech with a Mechanical Engineering degree, used these tools to rebuild the neighbor’s deck last summer.


Try rebuilding a deck with just a drill!!!

Posted 2013-12-26T17:57:24+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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