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replacing a dead motor in bathroom fan I need to replace a dead motor in a bathroom exhaust fan and can't figure out how to remove the old motor. The link above says to first remove the grille (no problem here). The next step is to unplug the motor (no problem) and remove the plate that supports it. "The plate will tip out of the housing after you release a tab or remove a retaining screw." My problem: I can't locate either the tab or screw that they're talking about. The house was built in 1992 and the fan looks practically identical to the one in the photos at this link. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on removing the motor.
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Posted 2011-02-19T14:37:14+0000  by don_patrick don_patrick

Hey don_patrick,


When my parents got me "involved" with installing their bathroom fan in their house a while back, I got the jist of the in's and out's of bath fans. I did some research at my store before putting it in, and here are some options that may work for you.


Option 1: Saving the fan w/ replacing just the motor


Hopefully you will have access to the attic so you can see the release tab as it maybe better accessed from that angle, depending on your model. This option of coming in that way makes it easier for you to see any additional screws or tabs. Plus, you can clean out the area of dust that has collected over time while you are up there. If you cannot get into the attic, you can attempt to check the manufacturer's model # and I can get you an online link to the manual. When you do get it out, I recommend getting an upgrade kit that we sell in stock that works for most models:





With option 1, its going to be a bit more time consuming project than a  money one, since finding a replacement motor may not fit into the existing box. Be sure to check with a licensed electrician or HVAC repairman for any questions we didn't address here or for specific reconfiguring.


Option 2: Replace the entire bathroom fan


Sometimes its just easier and cheaper to replace it outright if option 1 doesn't work out. Plus, you can save time knowing you haven't altered the housing by trying to take the motor itself out with possible damage. Usually this is the way most of my customers I have spoken to over the years do, as sometimes if you can find a replacement part for your fan, it may not be the exact fit. Come down to your local store and our associates in the Kitchens/Bath department can get you the right replacement fan and/or parts. Also, check out the link I provided that has a lot of online choices as well here.

The only drawback to this is if you have bought a smaller or larger unit, youd need to reconfigure the duct and drywall in the ceiling so that the unit can fit snug and safely. However, the end result means you can have a perfectly working bath fan for years to come.


Hope this helps you out and any further assistance let us know






Posted 2011-02-19T19:19:38+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL



I have a 25 year old house with Fasco bathroom vent fans (Model A692) that are a combination fan, light, and heater (ceiling mount).  I took out the old motor for the vent fan as even though it runs there is no air movement.  The motor also makes some noise.  I purchased a replacement Nutone motor and fan of the same size at Home Depot.  I noticed that the new fan has large openings between each blade, such that air will flow through.  The old one, although identical in size, is solid instead of having those openings.  The fan is a 4.5" plastic unit that slides on the motor shaft.  Will that affect the air flow (the vent fan housing is designed with a side exhaust).  I also need to check or possibly replace the duct as that could also be why there is no air flow.

Posted 2012-11-07T19:24:17+0000  by bobsb

For anyone still needing help with this......


Had the same issue - my motor housing did not have a screw or any clips I could see.

Used this video as a guide.

After I REALLY dusted out the motor housing I was finally able to see the clips - 1 large one in the center of one side and 2 smaller ones on the opposite side. 

New motor unit cost $15 and took about 10 mins to install (after finding the clips, of course :smileywink:).


Posted 2012-12-10T17:05:50+0000  by jmfraz
Thank u Don Patrick. I am a woman that don't mind trying to things that are broken. Bathroom fan stopped working. I purchased a new one, it cost just as much as replacement motor. Your link showed me how to replace motor and body. One hour later my bathroom fan is working. Now my Hubby is silent, not much he cam say.Thank you, a job easily done....
Posted 2013-11-04T22:11:17+0000  by pfchapman



I was looking to change my bath fan because it looks really old and it does make a lot of sound. The model is a Marley A647a fan with a 3900-2059-000 motor assy. I was looking at the web and they don't make it anymore. The specs are:

  • Flow 50 CFM max.
  • Voltage 120 AC
  • Amperage 0.6
  • Power 72 Watts
  • Sound level 4.5 Sones
  • Rough-In size 6-7/8" x 7-7/8"
  • Discharge 3" dia.
  • Grill Size 8-5/8" x 9-5/8"

 I was wondering wich fan can replace this one or if any of the upgrade kits can help me. I would appreciate any help on this issue. 20140204_111832.jpg


Thank you 


Posted 2014-02-04T16:19:23+0000  by vmgarcia
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