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replacing cast iron tub/ size difference

I am planning on busting out my cast iron tub and replacing it with a new tub and wall surround.  The tub I have now is 30" wide.  The new unit (tub and walls) we like is seamless (barely any caulking), but we realized it is 32".   I am not sure if I have the room to "slide" the drain and supply over to center it.  But I also can't find that seamless style in a 30".  At least not the direct to stud type.  I don't trust adhesives.

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Posted 2011-04-02T19:50:48+0000  by mackwinker mackwinker

Hi and thanks for joining the community. 


   I have been researching your situation and am thinking that possibly after the demolition of the existing tub and removal of the wallboard, you might gain that 2" difference. If it's possible to measure the unit sometimes the manufacturer "rounds off" the actual dimensions and you may find for instance that it's not an actual 32" span.


Once the tub is removed, you might find it necessary to remove the sub-floor to get a handle on the drain structure. It might require a little plumbing work to "relocate" the position.


One more consideration is the width of the entrance door to the bathroom.  Will it provide enough space to transfer a whole unit?   In the end you may find that the acrylic panel method is the best solution.


I hope that the Community will "chime" in with some opinions and other thoughts on the matter.


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Posted 2011-04-03T18:09:31+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

,All bath  tubs made are sized properly, they do not round them up, a 32" tub is 32". that being said, a 32" tub will not fit into the space of a 30" tub and surround unless you shave the studs 2 inches which will change the wall integrity.  Therefore I recomend you exchange the tub for a 30" unless your going for a major remodel.

Posted 2011-04-10T16:37:34+0000  by Rusher5150
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